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Universal Shakesperian Sites.

All Shakespeare
Shakespeare and the Globe : Then and Now
Shakespeare Online
Shakespeare Resource Centre
The Internet Shakespeare
About.COM : Shakespeare
The Holoway Pages : Shakespeare Page
The Complaete Shakespeare
Everything Shakespeare
Shakespearian Project
Shakespeare Oxford Society Home Page
The Folger Shakespeare Library
The Furness Shakespeare Library
"Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet," by Terry A. Gray
Shakespeare in Europe (Sh:in:E)
SHAKSPER (The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference)
Jeremy Hylton has a listing of Shakespeare resources on the Internet.
Robert Teeter's Shakespeare page
The Complete Shakespeare from Mike Cummings
The Internet Public Library
The Yahoo gateway
Collection of links from Mitsuharu Matsuoka's collection of Shakespeare links
An exploration of Shakespeare's influence on European culture.
Ardenonline is the experimental site from Arden Shakespeare
Hart, John. "Shakespeare and Tradition."
On Scholarship and Literary Interpretation
The Furness Collection at the University of Pennsylvania Library
The Shakespeare on Film
"Celebrating Shakespeare in Canada."
Welford and Wickham Primary School (Berkshire, England)
The World Shakespeare Bibliography CD-ROM
Tales From Shakespeare, by Charles and Mary Lamb
Shakespeare Society of the Low Countries


About The Works.

Shakespearian Tragedy
The Drama and Shakespeare
Early Modern Plays Presented in London
Shakespeares Monologues
Titles from Shakespeare
Essyas on Shakespeare
Malaspina Great Books - Shakespeare Resources
Nobility in Shakespeares Plays


Collected Sonnets.

Shakespeares Sonnets
The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets
The University of Northern British Columbia


Collected Works.

The Electronic Text Centre : Shakespeare Resources
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (M.I.T)
Bartleby.Com : William Shakespeare
Enfolded Shakespeare
Lynch Multimedia - Shakespeare
Mark Zimmermann's noble Shakespeare Stack Project (Public domain works of Shakespeare in binhex self-extracting archives; the texts are in Hypercard format)
Modern-spelling versions of many of the plays (derived from the Moby Shakespeare)
Renaissance Electronic Texts of the University of Toronto
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare is the work of Jeremy Hilton at MIT
The following FTP folder contains the complete works of The Moby Shakespeare,
The standard public domain texts, but with an elegant search interface devised by Matty Farrow (University of Sydney)
Electronic Literature Foundation's presentation of the Plays of William Shakespeare.


In, Of and Around Shakespeare. His Life & Times.

Shakespeare : A Life
William Shakespeare
The Will of William Shakespeare
William Shakspeare at Stratford
The Heart of Mystery
The Life and Times of Shakespeare
The Life and Times of William Shakespeare
The Internet Shakespeare Editions
"Educating Shakespeare" from School Life in Elizabethan England.
"Herbal Medicine in Shakespeare's England," by Dr. Michael Tierra
InfoWeb, Stratford-upon-Avon
"Shakespeare's Will: Foul or fair?"
George Buc : The Man Who Knew Shakespeare


Portraits,Paintings and Illustrations, of Shakespeare and His Works.

Shakespeare Illustrated
The Art of Romeo and Juliet
Athena, Ophelia Pages
Illustrations of Shakespeares Comedies
Images of Shakespeares Works
The Last Lines from Twelfth Night (Illustrated)
Romney's Shakespeare Drawings
Seeing What Shakespeare Means
Shakespeares Images
Shakespeare Image Gallery
Shakespearian Landmarks
Shakespeare - His Life in Context


Examinations and Critique of Shakespeares Plays.

Shakespeare and His Critics (Thomas Larque)
The Moral Implications of the Bed Trick in Alls Well That Ends Well
So Old and yet So New : All's Well the Ends Well as a Problem Play
Roman Letters and Egyptian Performatives in Antony and Cleopatra
The Story of Antony and Cleopatra: A Comparative Exploration of Text and Source
The Tragedy of Imagination: Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra"
As You Like It: Jaques
Instruction Versus Deception: from Rosalynde to As You Like It
Bringing Deformed Forth : Engendering Meaning in Much Ado About Nothing
Illinois Shakespeare Festival - The Comedy of Errors
Doubles and Likenesses-with-difference: The Comedy of Errors and The Winter's Tale
Ephesian Effusions: The Comedy of Errors
Coriolanus - Our Contemporary?
"The price of one fair word": Negotiating Names in Coriolanus
Civilizing Wales: Cymbeline, Roads and the Landscapes of Early Modern Britain
The Shakespeare Essays of PRofessor Sir Walter Murdoch
The Hamlet Paradigm
The Mixture of "High" and "Low" Culture in Hamlet I,i: a Close Reading
How Many Years Had Hamlet the Dane?
Illinois Shakespeare Festival - Imaging the Children of Pan
Popular Theatre and the Performance of the First Scene of Love's Labour's Lost
"Leaden Contemplation": Ambiguous Evidence of Revision in Q1 Love's Labour's Lost
The Witches' Influence on Macbeth
Granville's Jew of Venice (1701): A Close Reading of Shakespeare's Merchant
Portia and Shylock: The Outsiders of Venice
The Power of Mercy
Midsummer Madness, Dangerous Dreams: Shakespeare's Sources for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Bulletin Review
Portents in Romeo and Juliet
Some Uses for Romance: Shakespeare's Cymbeline and Jonson's The New Inn
Dating The Tempest
Shakespeare and Early Existentialism : Existentialist examination of the epiloque of The Tempest
Illinois Shakespeare Festival
The Tempest - Art vs. Nature
The Texts of Troilus and Cressida
Allowed Fools: Notes Towards An Elizabethan Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night: All or Nothing, What You Will, It's All One - Or Is It?


Examinations and Critique of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

The Art of The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets
The Dark Lady of Shakespeare's Sonnets
Defending and Defying the Petrarchan Convention: Shakespeare's Sonnets 18 & 130
The Elizbethan Sonnet (1908)
The Eternal Self in Shakespeare's Sonnets
Elizabethan Sonneteers (1885)
Notes for the six Sonnets
The Place 2 b
Shakespearian Poetry Search
Shake-spears Sonnets
Shakespeare's Sonnets
William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116
The Sonnets - An Examination
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Elizabethan poetry and prose
A Transvaluation of Shakespeare's Sonnet #73


Critiques and Examinations On Issues Related.

Shakespeare and the Players
Shakespeare and Renaissance Association of West Virgina, Selected Papers
Aristotle : On Mimeticism, Tragedy, Comedy, Epic Poetry, As It Relates To Tragedy, The Nature Of Virtue.
Seminar On Shakespeare And The Graphic Arts.
The play's not the only thing to see
Faries, Portents, And The Great Chain : Preternatural Phenomena And Its Meaning In Three Shakespeare Plays
Public Privates
Lori M Culwell: "The Role of the Clown in Shakespeare's Theatre"
In days like this, where art thou, Shakespeare?
Writing about Shakespeare


The Sources to Shakespeares Works.

Apollonius of Tyre: A Hypertext Edition
The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia
Background on Robert Greene
MIT Classics : Caesar
The Canterbury Tales
The Civil Wars Between the Two Houses of Lancaster and York Book IV (Excerpts)
MIT Classics : The Comparison of Dion and Brutus
Confessio Amantis or Tales of the Seven Deadly Sins
The Construction of Shakespeare's
MIT Classics : Coriolanus By Plutarch
Daniels Cleopatra
The Danish History, Books I-IX by Saxo Grammaticus
Daemonolgie, by King James VI of Scotland, I of England
Decameron Web by Giovanni Boccaccio
Furness Shakespeare Library
MIT Clasics : Antony
Christopher Marlowe Jew of Malta toc
A Mirovr for Magistrates (1610)
T. Maccius Plautus, Menaechmi (ed. F. Leo)
MIT Classics : Antony
Plutarch and Shakespeare Compared
The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli
Reginald Scot on alchemy
Scotorum Historiae
Sources and Analogues for Julius Caesar
Additional Sources for Shakespeare's Plays
The Union of the two noble and illustre famelies of Lancastre and Yorke. 1548
Otello : The Story That Started It All
P. Ovidius Naso, Metamorphoses (ed. Brookes More)


Facsimiles of Early Folios.

A facsimile of the 1623 Folio
July's book of the month from Glasgow University's special collections is their annotated copy of the first folio.
Furness Library, at the University of Pennsylvania,
A wittie and pleasant comedie called the taming of the shrew : as it was acted by His Maiesties seruants at the Blacke Friers and the Globe . (Taming of the Shrew). London : Printed by W.S. for I. Smethwicke, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstones Church-yard under the Diall, 1631
Hamlet : a tragedy in five acts, by William Shakespeare, as arranged for the stage by Henry Irving
Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, as arranged for the stage by Forbes Robertson
Hamlet. (Hamlet). New York : Printed for the publishers by Torrey Brothers
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. (Hamlet)
M. VVilliam [Shake]-speare : his true chronicle history of the life and death of King Lear and his three daughters,
Othello, The Moor of Venice : a tragedy: as it hath been divers times acted at the Globe, and at the Black-Friers, And now at the Theater Royal, by His Majesties servants
Poems : vvritten by Wil. Shake-speare, gent.. London
Romeo and Juliet / by Shakespear ; with alterations, and an additional scene: by D.
Shakespeare's tragedy of Hamlet. (Hamlet). New York : Printed, for William Winter, by Francis Hart & Co
Shakspeare's historical tragedy of Richard III / adapted to representation by Colley Cibber
Shakspeare's Romeo and Juliet : a tragedy / adapted to the stage by David Garrick
The chronicle history of Henry the fift : with his battell fought at Agin Court in France
The excellent history of the merchant of Venice : with the extreme cruelty of Shylocke the Iew towards the saide merchant, in cutting a iust pound of his flesh : and the obtaining of Portia, by the choyse of three caskets .
The historie of Henry the Fourth : vvith the battell at Shrewsbury, betweene the King, and Lord Henry Percy, surnamed Henry Hotspur of the North.
The Jew of Venice. A comedy. As it is acted at the theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants. (Merchant of Venice -- 1701).
The life and death of King Lear. (King Lear
The Merchant of Venice. (Merchant of Venice).
The tempest, or, The enchanted island : a comedy, as it is now acted at his Highness the Duke of York's theatre.
The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke. (Hamlet).
The tragedie of King Lear. (King Lear).
The tragedie of Romeo and Ivliet. (Romeo and Juliet).
The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke. (Hamlet).
The Tragedy of Richard the Third. (King Richard III).
The tragical history of King Richard III
The tragoedy of Othello, the Moore of Venice:
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies
The late and much admired play, called Pericles, Prince of Tyre : with the true relation of the whole history, adventures, and fortunes of the said Prince .
The late, and much admired play, called Pericles, Prince of Tyre : With the true relation of the whole history, aduentures, and fortunes of the sayd prince .
The most excellent and lamentable tragedie of Romeo and Juliet :
The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark


The Globe and Other Theatres.

Shakespeares Globe Theatre
Open University/BBC : Globe Theate Virtual Tour
Outdoor Theatres
Shakespeares Globe Research Database
ThinkQuest : Shakeys Place
Inside "The Wooden O": Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors and Julius Caesar at the New Globe
Shakespeares Globe Centre Australia
Rose Theatre Exhibition
Shakespeares Theatres in Shakespeares Day
Classical Theatre.COM
Shakespeare & Company
Encyclopedia Britannica presents 'Shakespeare and The Globe: Then and Now'
Southeast educational office of Shakespeare Globe Center, USA at the University of Georgia.
Manfred Jahn's online drama theory tutorial for background information on The Globe
Renaissance Texts Research Centre
Reading site on the Globe


Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. England.

Stratford Upon Avon Tourist Guide
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Stratford Upon Avon and William Shakespeare
Beautiful England : Shakespeares Houses in Stratford
Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire
Venus and Adonis at the White Hart Inn
Shakespeares School
Shakespeare and Food
The Shakespearian Garden


A Limited Selection of Shakespeare Associations, Societies and Companies.

German Shakespeare Society.
Pacific Northwestern Renaissance Society
Shakespeare Foundation, Spain
Shakespeare Society of Japan
The Shakespeare Association of America
The site of The Reduced Shakespeare Society
Costume Detail from Shakespeare in Love
Illinois Shakespeare Festival Costume Design


Elizabethan Dictionarys, Quotations, Prounciations, Etc..

Quirky Shakespearian Words
Alphabetical List of Repeating Fixed Phrases in Shakespeare Sonnets
Search for occurrences of words in the texts of Shakespeare's plays
browse directly to the text of the play from the results screen
Jeremy Hylton's site at MIT
Bartlett's Dictionary of Quotations
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations for Shakespeare's plays
Search all of Shakespeare's poetry at this site hosted by the University of Northern British Columbia
Prouncing Shakespeare


Items Pertaining To Related, But Largly Containing General, Reference.

A comprehensive collection of language and specialty dictionaries
The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online (available by subscription only)
RhymeZone allows you to search Shakespeare's works for particular words or phrases.
Shakespearian glossary
Statistical analysis of the texts of Shakespeare's plays
The Oxford Text Archives
The Shakespeare and Reformation Chronology
The Shakespeare Database Project's website (Germany)
Selective and personal dictionary of troublesome words in Shakespeare's texts
William A. Williams, A Concordance of Shakespeare's works