the illustrated shakespeare


A facsimile of the 1623 Folio
July's book of the month from Glasgow University's special collections is their annotated copy of the first folio.
Furness Library, at the University of Pennsylvania,
A wittie and pleasant comedie called the taming of the shrew : as it was acted by His Maiesties seruants at the Blacke Friers and the Globe . (Taming of the Shrew). London : Printed by W.S. for I. Smethwicke, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstones Church-yard under the Diall, 1631
Hamlet : a tragedy in five acts, by William Shakespeare, as arranged for the stage by Henry Irving
Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, as arranged for the stage by Forbes Robertson
Hamlet. (Hamlet). New York : Printed for the publishers by Torrey Brothers
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. (Hamlet)
M. VVilliam [Shake]-speare : his true chronicle history of the life and death of King Lear and his three daughters,
Othello, The Moor of Venice : a tragedy: as it hath been divers times acted at the Globe, and at the Black-Friers, And now at the Theater Royal, by His Majesties servants
Poems : vvritten by Wil. Shake-speare, gent.. London
Romeo and Juliet / by Shakespear ; with alterations, and an additional scene: by D.
Shakespeare's tragedy of Hamlet. (Hamlet). New York : Printed, for William Winter, by Francis Hart & Co
Shakspeare's historical tragedy of Richard III / adapted to representation by Colley Cibber
Shakspeare's Romeo and Juliet : a tragedy / adapted to the stage by David Garrick
The chronicle history of Henry the fift : with his battell fought at Agin Court in France
The excellent history of the merchant of Venice : with the extreme cruelty of Shylocke the Iew towards the saide merchant, in cutting a iust pound of his flesh : and the obtaining of Portia, by the choyse of three caskets .
The historie of Henry the Fourth : vvith the battell at Shrewsbury, betweene the King, and Lord Henry Percy, surnamed Henry Hotspur of the North.
The Jew of Venice. A comedy. As it is acted at the theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants. (Merchant of Venice -- 1701).
The life and death of King Lear. (King Lear
The Merchant of Venice. (Merchant of Venice).
The tempest, or, The enchanted island : a comedy, as it is now acted at his Highness the Duke of York's theatre.
The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke. (Hamlet).
The tragedie of King Lear. (King Lear).
The tragedie of Romeo and Ivliet. (Romeo and Juliet).
The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke. (Hamlet).
The Tragedy of Richard the Third. (King Richard III).
The tragical history of King Richard III
The tragoedy of Othello, the Moore of Venice:
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies
The late and much admired play, called Pericles, Prince of Tyre : with the true relation of the whole history, adventures, and fortunes of the said Prince .
The late, and much admired play, called Pericles, Prince of Tyre : With the true relation of the whole history, aduentures, and fortunes of the sayd prince .
The most excellent and lamentable tragedie of Romeo and Juliet :
The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark