the illustrated shakespeare

Henry William Bunbury.
Macbeth and the Murderers.
Macbeth, Act III scene1., 1750-1811.

Alexander Anderson.
Macbeth, 1775-1870.

James Parker.
Lady Macbeth, 1750-1805.

Robert Thew.
Macbeth, Act IV, Scene I., 1758-1802.

Alexandre-Marie Colin.
The Three Witches from 'Macbeth,' 1827.

Henry Fuseli.
The Three Witches, after 1783.

Henry Fuseli.
Macbeth, Banquo and the Witches on the Heath, 1793-1794.

John Martin (1789-1854).
Macbeth, 1820.

John Wootton.
Macbeth and Banquo Meeting the Weird Sisters, 1750.

Johann Zoffany.
David Garrick and Mrs. Pritchard in 'Macbeth,' 1768.

Alexander Johnston.

Henry Fuseli.
Garrick and Mrs. Pritchard in 'Macbeth,' 1812.

Armstead, Henry Hugh 1828-1905
Remorse 1903 Blake, William 1757-1827
Pity circa 1795 Dance-Holland, Sir Nathaniel 1735-1811
Lady Macbeth Taking the Daggers Dance-Holland, Sir Nathaniel 1735-1811
The Daggers Being Given to Lady Macbeth
Dance-Holland, Sir Nathaniel 1735-1811
Two Women in a Dungeon: ?Study for the Sleepwalking Scene, Macbeth Dance-Holland, Sir Nathaniel 1735-1811
Macbeth Entering the Witches' Cavern Fuseli, Henry 1741-1825
Lady Macbeth Seizing the Daggers ?exhibited 1812 Sargent, John Singer 1856-1925
Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth 1889