the illustrated shakespeare

Henry William Bunbury.
Falstaff reproved by King Henry.
Henry VI, Part 2, Act V, Scene 8., 1750 - 1811.

Henry William Bunbury.
Dick the butcher and Smith the weaver seizing the Clerk of Chatham.
Part II of Henry The Sixth Act IV scene 2., 1750-1811.

John Opie.
Part two of King Henry the Sixth, Act I ,SceneIV, 1761-1807.

Edwin Austin Abbey.
The Penance of Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester, 1900.

Henry Fuseli.
The Death of Cardinal Beaufort, 1772.

Henry A. Payne.
Choosing the Red and White Roses.

John Pettie.
Scene in the Type Temple Type Garden, 1871.

Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Cardinal Beaufort's Bedchamber, late 1780's.