the illustrated shakespeare


Act I.

Act I, Scene I. London. The palace.
Act I, Scene II. GLOUCESTER'S house.
Act I, Scene III. The palace.
Act I, Scene IV. GLOUCESTER's garden.


Act II.

Act II, Scene I. Saint Alban's.
Act II, Scene II. London. YORK'S garden.
Act II, Scene III. A hall of justice.
Act II, Scene IV. A street.


Act III.

Act III, Scene I. The Abbey at Bury St. Edmund's.
Act III, Scene II. Bury St. Edmund's. A room of state.
Act III, Scene III. A bedchamber.


Act IV.

Act IV, Scene I. The coast of Kent.
Act IV, Scene II. Blackheath.
Act IV, Scene III. Another part of Blackheath.
Act IV, Scene IV. London. The palace.
Act IV, Scene V. London. The Tower.
Act IV, Scene VI. London. Cannon Street.
Act IV, Scene VII. London. Smithfield.
Act IV, Scene VIII. Southwark.
Act IV, Scene IX. Kenilworth Castle.
Act IV, Scene X. Kent. IDEN's garden.


Act V.

Act V, Scene I. Fields between Dartford and Blackheath.
Act V, Scene II. Saint Alban's.
Act V, Scene III. Fields near St. Alban's.