the illustrated shakespeare

Act I.

Act I, Prologue.
Act I, Scene I. London. An ante-chamber in the KING'S palace.
Act I, Scene II. The same. The Presence chamber.


Act II.

Act II, Prologue.
Act II, Scene I. London. A street.
Act II, Scene II. Southampton. A council-chamber.
Act II, Scene III. London. Before a tavern.
Act II, Scene IV. France. The KING'S palace.


Act III.

Act III, Prologue.
Act III, Scene I. France. Before Harfleur.
Act III, Scene II. The same.
Act III, Scene III. The same. Before the gates.
Act III, Scene IV. The FRENCH KING's palace.
Act III, Scene V. The same.
Act III, Scene VI. The English camp in Picardy.
Act III, Scene VII. The French camp, near Agincourt:


Act IV.

Act IV, Prologue.
Act IV, Scene I. The English camp at Agincourt.
Act IV, Scene II. The French camp.
Act IV, Scene III. The English camp.
Act IV, Scene IV. The field of battle.
Act IV, Scene V. Another part of the field.
Act IV, Scene VI. Another part of the field.
Act IV, Scene VII. Another part of the field.
Act IV, Scene VIII. Before KING HENRY'S pavilion.


Act V.

Act V, Prologue.
Act V, Scene I. France. The English camp.
Act V, Scene II. France. A royal palace.